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Climate moderately – continental with long summer and in moderately snow winter. Duration of the bezmorozny period is 130 – 140 days, vegetative 174 - 180 days. The average annual amount of precipitation makes 600 mm.

Are classified by forms of hierarchy of structure of management on linear, functional and linearly - functional. Here structure linearly - functional because linear and functional influence is used. Linear management is performed by heads, and functional – experts.

The earth of agricultural purpose have the greatest specific weight in structure of land grounds - 65%. It means that more than a half of total area of the agricultural enterprise is used under necessary agricultural grounds.

The fodder balance in account part contains data on a in sterns and their components, in the receipt — sources of their covering for this or that period. In case of shortage of these or those forages or rise in price of diets of a forage production regarding or expansions of cultivated areas of the corresponding cultures, or increases of their, and also improvement of efficiency of natural grounds reconsider. Plan ways of growth of productivity (application of seeds, additional application of fertilizers, improvement of processing methods of cultivation, etc.).

Important indicator of a condition of food supply — payment of a forage in production. Costs of nutrients of ensuring functions of an organism at animals of different level of a are approximately identical (the supporting forage — 1 sterns, unit on 100 kg of live weight per day). All forage fed to an animal over supporting, goes for increase of a (a productive forage). The feeding level is higher, the payment of a forage in production if other factors (a, age, a state of health) do not limit this process is better.

On organizational signs of structure of management are subdivided on territorial, branch and combined. In this case structure branch since the enterprise has specialized intraeconomic divisions.

However one indicator does not reflect versatile need of animals for nutrients in fodder, power and other units. In difficult process of transformation of a forage into milk, eggs and other types of production more strict observance of complexity, proportionality is required. From one, the lack of any irreplaceable nutritious ingredient limits use of other nutrients, efficiency, leads to increase in expenses of a forage at a unit of production. Quite often result of this or that type of an underfeeding are the yalovost, the raised young growth withdrawal, reduction of term of productive service of animals. On the other hand, surplus of food not only economically ­, but also is physiologically harmful as leads to metabolism, easing and a premature of animals.

Forage production — the most backward branch of agriculture. The areas of agricultural grounds, for production of forages, are used still. From them the senazha, a silo and grain is a little prepared hay.

In the accelerated increase in production of a the paramount role belongs to creation of strong food supply. Understand sources, system of receptions and methods on production, storage and use of the forages providing all animal species and a bird with enough necessary nutrients as food supply.

Specialization – concentration of uniform production on the basis of division of labor which is expressed in the organization of sites of the enterprises of a mass and mass production. In agriculture specialization assumes creation of the enterprises which are guided by release of one-two types of agricultural production. Isolation of production of certain production assumes creation of special production and administrative personnel.

For ensuring increase in production of livestock products it is necessary to increase receipt of forages. The main direction in the solution of an objective - intensifications of a field and lugopastbishchny forage production, increase of efficiency of fodder grounds. The special attention has to be paid to balance of forages on protein and other components, quality improvement, rational use and reduction of losses of forages.