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years), and a share of the children who were born patients - by 1,8 times. Besides, it is revealed that the main reason of infantile mortality is prenatal, that is preceding the birth, a state which is considerably connected with health of mother.

- growth of unemployment in different forms: registered, opened, hidden, full and partial. To the hidden unemployment (quasiunemployments it is conditionally possible to carry also all those who a long time does not earn reward for the already fulfilled;

- enormous groups of refugees and displaced persons. Marginalization of society, formation which for urban population makes at least 10% (that is about 10 million people);

First, the internal potential of demographic reproduction is settled. After all for replacement of generations of parents the birth rate level measured by the total coefficient of birth rate equal at least 2,1, and today is necessary it makes 1,2

However more serious problems are connected not so much with number, how many with quality of the population, with a condition of its gene pool as bases of development of society and the state. For this purpose it is enough to look at physical, mental and social human health, their intellectual and educational and professional level, and also moral reference points.