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My personal journey to read a research paper

The block designated by L0R0 where L0 - the block representing one of parts of the L0R0 block consisting of 32 symbols; R0 - the block representing other part of the L0R0 block which is also consisting of 32 symbols is exposed to shift according to in advance defined rule.

Therefore it is only expedient to apply such way of cryptographic transformation of open telephone communications when information is not of the special value or when its value is lost through rather small period.

Generally speaking, when enciphering the message of X (t) such cryptographic transformations at which extent of its protection would be defined only by the power of a set of keys of cryptographic transformation K have to be used.

In an initial state when on the line of 60 V, the entrance 1 DD1 is shunted by the VD9 diode on the case. The setting generator is switched off, the account of hours is stopped. At removal of a tube on the line, at the exit 10 DD3 with a delay in 1 with (R4, S appears logical unit, carrying out start of the generator. The account of time is carried out at the exit 10 DD3 there will be no logical "zero" (through 1 with the ambassador of emergence on the line of tension 6 so far