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The interior is formed under the influence of external conditions and own reflection, the investigator - to, in the course of education when the (subject) and vospituyemy (object) interact, and during i' self-education. The last takes place as a result of internal activity of the personality directed on a of qualities which she considers for herself useful, desirable. There is a metamorphosis of transformation of a °bjekt of education into the subject which is bringing up most ^. Thus external determination of the person posred-gtbom activity institutionalized obshchestven-

Scientific and technical progress is accompanied by large pushing out of people from any sfer of a labor that hard affects position in whole or in part of the unemployed which number is already now measured by tens of millions. Thereby the subject of a extends at the expense of problems date of category ­, the persons of the hired personnel which appeared in the most vulnerable situation among weight.

initially, it cannot and should not to the relation to life. The spiritual poten-generalized indicator its internal a menimy core of life. This bezoshi-estvo of internal culture of the person, all his abilities and opportunities, / 1y development of reality.

The solution of these and other problems generated by a scientific and technological revolution can be successful only on condition of a close and integration of many sciences for which the philosophy is urged to develop the general theoretical approaches and the corresponding methodology of researches of various level and appointment.

While society cannot "jump out" out of limits of the era, people, really living in that or! other era, it is capable for centuries to advance it in the social, intellectual and moral relation, as well as to represent time which left for a long time. In the real society there is a past and the future, all paints and tone of life which are expressed by people, consciousness and will.

at Thus, external (objectively and internal / (it is subjective in the course of education and education, / socialization and self-expression of the personality are included in; natural process of its formation and. Really, "if the person wants to come to a to himself, its way lies through the world". It is possible only utoch-;