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For example, at invariable current, the same size of a on plugs of the battery there will correspond 50% of its zaryazhennost at a temperature of of -1 °C and 95% of a zaryazhennost at a temperature of electrolyte of +30 °C.

It is possible to use any relay with one group of normally opened allowing switching of the changed voltage of 220 V with the switched current not less than 0,3 And. The relay has to work at a voltage no more than 12 V and current 40. The RES2 relay of of the RES6 relay at which it is desirable to unbend not used group of a little for reduction of current of operation will approach.

Battery charging begins. Via the VD7 diode tension arrives on the filter of low frequencies of R4-C3 reducing to the level at which they have no noticeable impact on a of the DA C comparator of the SZ condenser constant tension, to tension on plugs of the battery, through a resistive divider of tension of R21-R22 on not inverting DA2 entrance (a conclusion. On an entrance of the comparator (the conclusion tension from a resistive matrix of R.R2 B the moment a device the differentiating chain of C5-R10 forms an impulse of polarity which all counters, except for DD Therefore tension on a of a resistive matrix minimum and obviously is less than tension, on a conclusion 3 DA On a comparator (a conclusion thus the high level which through a of R26 arrives on R entrance (a DD2 counter conclusion, nullifying as well it. Tension of low level from DD2 exit (the conclusion via the R25 resistor arrives on base of the VT1 transistor, closing it. The VT2 transistor thus opens, works the K1 relay and the contacts blocks SB button

There is a large number of automatic chargers on sale and described in radio amateur literature, but they stop charging of the battery or on the expiration of a certain time, or on reaching on plugs of the battery of a certain (threshold) value of tension. Within these functional features of machine guns and other factors (an environment, a condition of the battery) it is not possible to make a qualitative dozaryadka of batteries.

Author's option of the device ­ for work with the battery 6ST-60 therefore charging current is chosen equal 3 A. For a device with the most battery 6ST-55, to reduce the size of current of a to 2,75 A.

In the report the device intended for a dozaryadka and full charging of batteries is considered. The purpose of the report of  to investigate the device and the principle of work with the detailed description of purpose of each element of the scheme.

As VT1 it is possible to apply low-power n-p-n the transistor with constant voltage of collector emitter not less than 30 V and transfers of current of base more than 4 transistors of the KT3102 series specified on a with any alphabetic index except and E, KT315G, KT312V. Instead of KT608B it is possible to apply from the KT503, KT80 series

In summary make, in case of need, adjustment of charging current selection of capacity of the C1 condenser which carry out connection to its conclusions of the condensers suitable on tension ­ 0. 1.

Practice shows that with a accuracy it is possible to be limited to one of these signs, i.e. behind growth of tension on the battery, and at its termination and constancy of size of tension within not less than two hours to switch off the device.

The matter is that the majority ­ on sale or the chargers described in literature stop charging of the battery or after time (. The 12th hour, or on reaching on plugs of a certain (threshold) tension.

The C1 condenser — the MBGCh type with voltage of 250 V. When using metallic-paper of other types (MBGO, MBGP, etc.) their rated voltage to be not less than 4. 500 V. C2 — K50-29, SZ — K52-1 of B, C4 — K53-4, other condensers — KM-5 or KM - In general, the device to a choice of elements. So, in quality With. By C4 condensers of any types, on the capacity and a nominal can be used.

There are other, more reliable signs of receiving AB of a full. This termination (at constancy of size charging current of growth of a on battery plugs, and also the termination of increase in density of electrolyte.

The list of the keywords used when writing the report includes the following concepts: The POWER UNIT, the RELAY, the VOLTAGE STABILIZER, the SHAPER of RECTANGULAR IMPULSES, the OPERATED GENERATOR, TAYMER, KOMPORATOR, KNOT of MANAGEMENT of the RELAY.